Vizru Enables Business Teams to Create AI-based Applications in Weeks Using Next Generation Autonomous Application Development and Digital Transformation Platform
No-Code Apps Significantly Improve Customer Experience at a Fraction of the Time by Eliminating 75% of Human Intervention
SAN JOSE, Calif., January 11, 2019

Vizru Inc., providers of a no-code, autonomous application development and digital transformation platform, today announced the immediate availability of its next generation Autonomous Application Development and Digital Transformation Platform. Unlike traditional robotic process automation vendors that simply screen the recording, Vizru offers a no-code, all run time environment that allows business professionals to expose and synchronize data to create extensible apps and faster time to value while eliminating the need for IT involvement.

In an April 19, 2018 report titled, "The Dawn Of Digital Decisioning", Forrester stated that the speed, volume, and individuality of digital business operations demand automated, real-time decision making as they provide operational actions for individual customers with a consistency and speed that humans can't match. According to analysts John R. Rymer and Mike Gualtieri, "As the number of data sources and factors required to take decisions rises, conventional platforms can't keep up. Older decisioning platforms operate in the background using static business rules and segregate data science and app development. Digital decisioning software relies on close cooperation of data science, process, and rules technologies as well as associated specialists."

Vizru enables real-time orchestration between cloud and in-house systems with integrated distributed processing. The solution provides enterprises with the ability to leverage no-code apps using a feature-rich interface that's built for self-serviceability. Vizru also provides REST-ful APIs for integrating with third party vendors so enterprises can leverage best-of-breed products which are seamlessly infused into enterprise data visualization and business process automation.

The Vizru Digital Transformation Platform decentralizes business automation and enables business teams to assemble the next wave of automation apps by themselves, in order to adapt to fluctuating business conditions. Key attributes to the platform include:

  • Omni-channel Interface Designer (OID): Vizru's OID allows business and IT to quickly design a wide variety of B2B and B2C digital portals. In addition to offering traditional web-based transactions, Vizru portals can easily be extended to other customer channels including SMS, IOT, Chat and Voice. Leveraging the power of Vizru AI workflows, the portals allow users to streamline business processes and ensure that each customer interaction is progressive, monetizable and instantly responsive.

  • AI Workflow Designer: Vizru's AI Workflows engine automates complex business processes without the need for huge development initiatives. The in-built distributed processing capability of Vizru Workflows allow a highly self-scalable architecture suited for massive workloads and hyper-fast, real-time transactions. It can chart predictive algorithms to optimize the flow of business as customer demands evolve which helps eliminate 90 percent of human intervention.

  • Data Hub & Customer 360: Vizru's Data Hub offers a central data access point to store and aggregate from all customer interactions that allows organizations to build a 360-degree view for deep customer insights. Vizru Data Hub offers a single location to access customer information in real-time which allow business teams to continuously monitor activities and provide proactive support, resource optimization and upsell opportunities.

  • Micro-service Designer: Vizru offers a white glove service called Vizru Care that can fully manage the platform on behalf of the customer. Here, Vizru's solution architects will take the entire responsibility from application management, user on-boarding to customizations. A hassle-free approach to customer support.

"Conducting business has changed vastly and today's digital environment puts immense pressure on business teams to quickly adapt to perpetually changing conditions in order to drive an exceptional customer experiences," said Ramesh Mahalingam, CEO and Founder of Vizru. "Using our decision and digital transformation platform, businesses can leverage sophisticated AI-based applications to better understand their customer, make decisions about how to best engage, and then develop the most impactful action using little or no human intervention."

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About Vizru Inc.

Vizru delivers the industry's first true no-code modern decisioning and digital transformation platform that allows users to build AI-based business automation apps in minutes, over existing cloud and on-premises. Awarded the top Fintech startup of 2017-18 at CES and named a leading Insurtech startup by Plug and Play, Vizru allows enterprises to develop AI-driven Business Applications that can think, act and complete processes, autonomously without human intervention. Vizru's applications can be built in weeks, from thought to finish, and can be infinitely extended by business users without any programming knowledge.Designed for Fortune 5000 enterprises and high growth companies, Vizru decentralizes the role of business automation and empowers business users to create, extend and manage business apps on their own; allowing enterprises to pave the way to better decision making and true business transformation. To learn more visit, follow Twitter @Vizru, connect on

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