Enterprise Apps that can think for themselves



Conversational UI for smarter, faster decisions

  • tikAdapts to conversational interfaces - Chat, SMS, IOT,Voice.
  • tikIntelligently kicks-off AI Workflows to fulfill requests.
  • tikResponds back with results to source channel using natural language processing.

AI Workflows for autonomous processes

Workflows are built with AI-driven decision nodes that help eliminate up to 75% of human intervention and significantly improve process efficiency.


Intuitive designer for enterprise-grade apps

Logically assemble diverse data sets into a unified interface to view, modify and collaborate on demand.


Analytics Watchdog for predictive Insights

Provides deep insights into customer journeys for personalized experiences and to deliver new products and services.

Analytics Watchdog creates a feedback loop to teach the AI nodes within the workflows to select the optimal navigation path for processes.


Adapterless Receiver to tap into application networks

Discover and tap into application networks in a snap. From cloud to mainframe, convert interface endpoints into consumable microsservices.


Prebuilt Stencils

Once a minimum viable product is designed, the resulting Autonomous Application gets neatly deployed into ready-to-use stencils.