Vizru Intelligent Partner Exchange

Gain unprecedented visibility into your partner's pipeline activities and enable your business teams to make smarter decisions. You and your partners can now collaboratively capture, monitor and visualize combined sales activities in real-time and adapt to changing business conditions.

Key Features

Key Features

1. Launch apps in minutes

  • Instantly launch Vizru Sheet, an intuitive interface to enable advanced data capture and automation
  • Synchronize pipeline data across partner channels in real-time
  • Enable advanced event based triggers to receive and relay information from the field a.k.a. Call Home
Vizru Intelligent Partner Exchange Step 1

2. Automate the flow of business

  • Build or modify business processes in a flash over existing legacy IT systems
  • Automate pipeline aggregation, royalty management, cost relief, commissions, rev rec and more without IT involvement
  • Seamlessly integrate with cloud and on-premise applications
Vizru Intelligent Partner Exchange Step 2

3. Access Information the way you need, when you need it

  • Every bit of information that flows through Vizru apps are automatically transformed into simple, actionable dashboards
  • Vizru feature rich dashboards allow you to mash-up information across tenants in real-time
  • Spin-up your own dashboards instantly using our powerful dashboard designer
Vizru Intelligent Partner Exchange Step 3

4. Rethink Collaboration

  • Invoke any app during your active conversations
  • Vizru feeds relevant, intelligent information to your inbox right from the field
  • Invoke workflows and approval events right through conversations
Vizru Intelligent Partner Exchange Step 4